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by Dynamite Abortion

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released October 8, 2015



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Dynamite Abortion Switzerland

Dynamite Abortion is a side project of several well known Death Metal bands from Switzerland.

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Track Name: Inbred Fuckfest
Perverted breed of insignifact beings
We are the scum of humanity – one perverted incest horde
Arrogant and selfish – my children of lechery
Forcing them to do unspeakable things
Condemned to decay - condemned to suffer
Every thought in our minds is filth – the desire to fuck my own breed
Bedroom door is closing behind us – lets take off our clothes
My sweet little seven year-old porn star
Lets fill your mouth with cool-aid
Dipping my ball-sack in and out
Mississippi bird bath!
This is what she wants, this is what she gets
Blood mixed with semen
Our own family rainbow
Grandma begs for her blumkin
Giving me head while I shit
Daddy doesn't love me, he only loves my cunt
My sister doesn't love me, but she loves my cock
My mother does love me but also my anus
Grandpa loves everyone, friday night family gangbang
Press the finger in my anus - sniff on my cunt
Lick off my urine – what's the matter, we're all family here
Daddy's giving a handjob – diarrhea for lube – tahitian mudslide!
While dogging my daughter I gently grab her head
Whispering in her ear that I'm having aids
When our rodeo ends, I cum in her face and break her nose
Strawberry Shortcake bitch!!
Drowned in shit – getting another hit
Docking and frotting
This is what she wants, this is what she gets
A punch from behind – daddy will dominate
Spit on her back – now knock her out